• used Vauxhall Nova Sting 1.2 3dr with Factory Sunroof in louth

    Vauxhall Nova Sting 1.2 3dr with Factory Sunroof

    1.2L Sold

    • Year1989 (F Reg)
    This car is a rare original 3 door Nova with a factory fitted slide and tilt sunroof. Kept in the same family since 1992, the car has covered just 40,835 miles from new and only 1,200 of these have been covered in the past 20 years due to being in lo

  • used Land Rover  Series 2a 88" SWB Station Wagon in louth

    Land Rover Series 2a 88" SWB Station Wagon

    2.25L Sold

    • Year1968 (G Reg)
    Instantly recognisable as one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, the Landrover Series 2 SWB is possibly the most favoured of the bunch with its grill mounted headlights and the preferred barrel side panels compared to the earlier more utilitari

  • used Mercedes SL W113 230SL Pagoda in louth

    Mercedes SL W113 230SL Pagoda

    2.3L Sold

    • Year1966 (D Reg)
    Replacing the 4 cylinder 190SL in 1963 the W113 SL models were a leap ahead in technology for Mercedes. All models were equipped with a 6 cylinder engine with mechanical fuel injection. Originally this was 2,300cc then for one year only 2,500cc then

  • used Mercedes 200 W123 200 4dr in louth

    Mercedes 200 W123 200 4dr

    2.0L Sold

    • Year1982 (X Reg)
    The Mercedes W123 Series of cars, sold from 1976 to 1985, was the most successful selling Mercedes range ever with 2.7 million sold worldwide. Saloons, Estates and Coupe's were offered with both petrol and diesel engines. Previously supplied by o

  • used Ferrari 308 GTSi Targa LHD in louth

    Ferrari 308 GTSi Targa LHD

    3.0L Sold

    • Year1982 (X Reg)
    Replacing the Dino 246GT and GTS, the 308 GTS and GTB models were sold from 1975 to 1985. Powered was provided by a 3.0V8 mounted at the rear with a 5 speed manual gearbox. In 1980 the models changed to GTSi and GTBi with the carburettors being repla

  • used BMW Z3 M Z3M Coupe in louth

    BMW Z3 M Z3M Coupe

    3.2L Sold

    • Year2000 (W Reg)
    Produced from 1998, the Z3 M Coupe initially had the running gear of an E36 BMW M3 with the S50 3.2ltr 6 cylinder engine producing 317BHP. Based on the roadster, the car utilised many of the same parts but was a more serious contender with more torsi

  • used Lambretta GP125 Customised Scooter in louth

    Lambretta GP125 Customised Scooter

    0.19L Sold

    • Year2002 (G Reg)
    VIN 22/1 002717 ENGINE 125LIS002874 On offer is this beautiful modified Lambretta GP125 to 190cc. The scooter started life as a genuine Italian GP125 built in 1969. The frame numbers are correct as is the engine casing number. The last owner

  • used Triumph  TR5 2.5PI in louth

    Triumph TR5 2.5PI

    2.5L Sold

    • Year1968 (F Reg)
    Visually very similar to the TR4, the gorgeous Triumph TR5 is a rare sight on the roads today due to just 1,161 being built for the UK market between August 1967 and September 1968. Fitted with the straight 6 engine with Lucas fuel injection, the